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 U:SF | Fragging is a Habit Part 1

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PostSubject: U:SF | Fragging is a Habit Part 1   Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:22 pm

I was surprised by this video, since youNg released his last video a week ago. The video turned out quite nice.
The intro was smooth and nicely done. The colors, roams and blood were great, the lens flares were awesome!
The syncing was very nice, he even synced the lens flares!
Only the first part could've had a bit more sync.
The nametags were very nice, and they should be an example to other nametags.
Although I had seen a few of those frags before, they were good.
In the review by SureShot of Young's last video, he said we expected more of Young in the future.
This was the ''more'' we were looking forward to.
Overall this video is great and it is a good addition to the channel.

Review score: 8,7
Reviewed by: Mist

1st Song: Griffs "Mash up" of Kraddy - Android porn
2nd Song: She - Coloris
3rd Song: Drake - Over
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PostSubject: Re: U:SF | Fragging is a Habit Part 1   Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:34 pm

Oh Mist. Why why why. Anyway, I liked it frags were ight and the editing was beast. 8.9
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U:SF | Fragging is a Habit Part 1
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